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Pipeliner CRM: Insights for sales through lead & opportunity management
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2 December 2014

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This software tool is for customer relationship management.

This is a tool that helps sales teams to collaborate effectively using a proven sales process based approach. This tool has the CRM software features that promote effective decision-making and improve your sales team’s effectiveness. This tool helps through lead & opportunity management. Qualifying leads, scheduling of tasks and events, management of contacts as well accounts, managing contacts and accounts, tracking of the opportunity pipeline, etc are some useful features. This tool also includes collaboration with sales and marketing. Mobile access, app integration, management reports are other useful features. Pipeliner sales CRM software makes it easy to manage customer relationships across the extended organization. Tracking of all customer interactions from initial contact, to hot marketing lead, to qualified sales opportunity, and satisfied new customer can be captured. These will facilitate managing sales of the organization.

You could let you capture all interactions, documents and customer information. You would be able to get a comprehensive account view. Sales team collaboration is improved thereby improving team’s productivity. Even when the team members are on the road they can remain connected through the mobile device integration. Every organization works a little differently, thus customization of the CRM software becomes necessary often. Unlimited number of contact and accounts could be maintained. It is possible to define custom fields so that kind of information that defines your customer profile can be captured. It would be very easy to manage customer base, the most important asset for an organization. Interaction history and activity details could be captured and will be very useful. It is supported by global search and data filters. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

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Pipeliner CRM: Insights for sales through lead and opportunity management.
With Pipeliner, sales forecasts along with closing rates can be determined. Pipeliner is the only CRM software available that enables automatic synchronization for both Mac and PC systems locally or through the cloud.
Exclusive to Pipeliner CRM is an intuitive graphic representation of the sales pipeline. This enables the individual salesperson, as well as management, to be intimately involved with sales through a very unique user experience. Sales management, as well as other departments such as Marketing and Finance, can have a 360 degree view of sales, utilizing the results for management, marketing campaigns, sales analysis and financial forecasts. As the user experience encompasses all aspects of interaction with Pipeliner CRM, this latest update strengthens Pipeliner's core functionality.
Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner CRM
Version 7.0.1
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